Alert: Lockdown Measures in Siem Reap

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, the Provincial Government of Siem Reap has announced lockdown measures and other restrictions as follows:

Siem Reap Town will be classified as a “Dark Yellow Zone” from September 11, 2021 through September 18, 2021.

“Dark Yellow Zones” are subject to the following restrictions:

  • All individuals within the lockdown areas must not leave their residence for the duration of the lockdown period, with some exceptions.
  • Certain essential businesses may remain open despite the lockdown, but may be subject to stricter requirements, such as minimizing their staffing to no more than 2%.
  • For those traveling to work in essential businesses allowed to remain open during the lockdown, a travel permit from the “Executive Committee to Manage and Lead the Implementation of the Lockdown” is required in addition to an ID and employment certificate.
  • Up to two individuals per household are permitted to leave their residence to purchase food from the nearest shop in their neighborhood, but may do so no more than three times a week and must have a valid form of identification with them.
  • Groups of up to four people may travel to seek medical care within or outside the lockdown area, but require permission from the local authorities.
  • Travel for COVID-19 testing or vaccination as determined by the relevant authorities is permitted.
  • Individuals are permitted to leave their residence to exercise outdoors in the nearby vicinity of their home, but are limited to groups of no more than two persons.

In addition, the Provincial Government has announced the following restrictions for the entire Province from September 9, 2021 through September 22, 2021:

  • A curfew from 09:00 PM until 03:00 AM
  • A ban on high risk businesses including but not limited to: karaoke, nightclubs, beer gardens, casinos, museums, parks, massage parlours, liquor shops, cinemas, theaters, gyms and sports centers
  • A ban on gatherings exceeding 10 people, unless approved by the local authorities.  Meetings within the same household, approved funerals, and COVID-19 testing centers are exempt.
  • Schools may only operate online.
  • Civil servants, police officers, medical and emergency services, and the transportation of food are exempt from the aforementioned restrictions.

American citizens are advised to pay attention to local government announcements and local media for updates as more restrictions may be announced with little to no notice.  American citizens are also advised to comply with local authorities, as disregarding the restrictions may incur fines or criminal penalties.  Should you require assistance from the Embassy’s American Citizen Services Unit, please contact +855 23 729 000 or

The U.S. Embassy will remain open during this period for routine and emergency consular services.