All-girls boot camp teaches digital literacy in Cambodia

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February 17, 2021  

Phnom Penh — As of January 2021, Cambodia recorded 8.86 million internet users, which indicates that digital skills are crucial to succeed in the technology-driven world. With this, the participation of women in the digital world is also essential in order to create a fair and equitable digital economy and society.  

From January 27-31, 2021, HER Project (Digital Edition) has successfully implemented the first phase of the project, the five-day intensive boot camp. Through the boot camp, 15 young female students from four provinces and cities are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge on media literacy, civic understanding, digital campaigning, and project management.  

HER Project (Digital Edition), funded by Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund and supported by the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, aims to transform and increase the participation of women in civic life in the digital world. Within the boot camp, the participants went through a series of training, sharing sessions, visiting the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, and projectpitching in in preparation for them to execute mini outreach and digital campaigns to engage their local communities on the importance of media literacy.  

To be successful in the future, every country needs to unlock the full potential of girls and women, in every field of endeavor, but especially technology,” said Public Affairs Officer Chad Roedemeier. “The United States is proud to invest in these young women, who could be Cambodia’s future tech leaders.” 

In response to the current situation of COVID-19, the organizing committee of HER Project and all the participants had taken precautionary measures and strictly followed the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health throughout the course of participation.  

The project has collaborated with a diverse group of partners ranging from young students to civil society groups to technical experts, which further illustrate the goal set of the project and enhance the awareness and empowerment of women in building and shaping their community.  

Contact Person  

Sopheakpanha SOK 
Founder/Project Manager 

+855 77 923 227