Ambassador Heidt Talks about GSP Program at a Press Roundtable

U.S. Embassy, Phnom Penh
September 20, 2016

The U.S. Embassy hosted a press roundtable on the expansion of the U.S. General System of Preferences (GSP). The GSP expansion – which went into effect July 1 – means that Cambodia can now export travel goods such as luggage, handbags, and wallets, duty free to the United States.

“This announcement has the potential to open up an entirely new market for Cambodian exporters and to create thousands of jobs for Cambodians,” says Ambassador Heidt. “We encourage Cambodian manufacturers to take advantage of this new opportunity, which would help to diversify Cambodia’s economic base, spur economic growth, and alleviate poverty.”

To learn more about GSP, read the press release here.

[U.S. Embassy photo by Un Yarat]
[Photo: Un Yarat]