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OPEN TO:                 All Interested Candidates

POSITION:               Cambodian Student Internship (Various positions)

PAID/ UNPAID:       Unpaid

OPENING DATE:    September 23, 2019

CLOSING DATE:    October 14, 2019

WORK HOURS:       Full-time or part-time; 40 or 20 hours/week (Flexible)

The U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh is offering a Student Internship Program (Winter Cycle) to Cambodian students from December 2019 to April 2020.

Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizens or permanent legal residents of the host country;
  2. At least 18 years old;
  3. Must be an active student at a public or private higher education institution;
  4. Must have already completed one year of studies in the institution; and
  5. Must provide certified transcript to show proof of good academic standing and have the certification letter from the school.
  6. Must be able to work until end of April 2020.

Qualifications Required:

  1. General field of studies.
  2. Level III (Good Working Knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing English and Level IV (Fluent) Khmer are required. Language proficiency will be tested.
  3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

How to Apply:

Please send the Application for Cambodian Student Intern Program Form along with the certified transcript and school’s certification letter to The application form can be retrieved here. To be eligible for consideration, applications must be received by October 14, 2019.

Position Number: SIP#001/2019

Job Title:       Social Media Intern

Office:            Public Affairs Section

Job Description:       

  1. Help develop social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  2. Assist in the production of the Public Affairs Section (PAS)’s weekly “Let’s Chat!” Facebook Live broadcast. May be called on to do interviews.
  3. Help develop and produce videos and photos that we would use on our social media platforms.
  4. Provide assistance in working media events and press conferences.

Position Number: SIP#002/2019

Job Title:        Cultural Affairs Intern
Office:             Public Affairs Section
Job Description: 

  1. Help draft Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and alumni newsletters and outreach materials.
  2. Assist Cultural Affairs Officer and others interview and prepare candidates for a variety of U.S. government exchange programs.
  3. Draft content about cultural activities for social media.
  4. Organize cultural events including launches, grant announcements, etc.
  5. Assist the Information Resource Assistant in running programs in the American Center, including book clubs, English clubs, film clubs and speakers.

Position Number: SIP#003/2019

Job Title:        Human Resources Intern
Office:             Human Resources Office
Job Description: 

  1. Assist in scheduling candidates and in preparing for employment tests and interviews.
  2. Assist in verifying the Time and Attendance reports submission.
  3. Update employee information and training records in personnel system.
  4. Scan and file employees’ documents.
  5. Create folders for new employees.
  6. Assist in submitting and collecting documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.

Position Number: SIP#004/2019

Job Title:        Account Payable/Voucher Examiner Intern
Office:             Financial Management Office
Job Description: 

  1. Assist in preparing of various kinds of payment vouchers: Contracts, Purchase Orders, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAS), Lease Agreement, Official Residence Expenses (ORE), Representation, Travel claim, Utility Bills, Telephone Bills, and Other Miscellaneous Official Claims From other Federal Government Agencies.
  2. Assist in settling utility bills with Electricity Company, Phnom Penh Water Supply and Garbage Collection Co. Ltd.
  3. Perform other duties as assigned.

Position Number: SIP#005/2019

Job Title:        Accounting Intern
Office:             Financial Management Office
Job Description: 

  1. Assist in clearing un-liquidated obligation (ULO).
  2. Assist in monitoring expenditure versus budgeting.
  3. Assist in collection process for receivable account and Value Added Tax (VAT) Refund.
  4. Assist in coding fund cite for Petty Cash voucher, Purchase Request, and Travel Authorization.
  5. Updating customers/vendors’ bank information into system
  6. Assist in data entry for utilities bills in the database/worksheet.
  7. Assist in reconciliation payroll transactions
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Position Number: SIP#006/2019 (2 positions)

Job Title:        Property and Supply Assistant

Office:             General Services Office

Job Description: 

  1. Assist in goods inspection and receiving.
  2. Assist in supply preparation per approved request and issuing supply to customer.
  3. Assist in annual physical inventory inspection.
  4. Assist in inspection and jotting down the barcode of property in and out of the warehouse stock.
  5. Assist in covering up any supply clerk when they are on leave or they need to go to the supply alternate storage.

Position Number: SIP#007/2019

Job Title:        Shipping Intern
Office:             General Services Office
Job Description: 

  1. Input Data on T-Lite.
  2. Obtain Driver’s License and vehicle registration.
  3. Drafting documents for customs clearance process.
  4. Other duties assigned by Shipment clerk and Shipment Assistants.

Position Number: SIP#008/2019

Job Title:        Administrative Assistant to the Ambassador

Office:             DOS/ Executive

Job Description: 

  1. Manage information flow within the executive office
  2. Prepare correspondences
  3. Provide administrative support for meetings and VIPS
  4. Backup Protocol Assistant

Position Number: SIP#009/2019

Job Title:        Political Intern

Office:             Political/Economic Office

Job Description: 

  1. Ad-Hoc Domestic Politics Research
  2. Ad-Hoc Foreign Policy Research
  3. Special Projects as needed
  4. Further American foreign policy objectives

Position Number: SIP#010/2019

Job Title:       Economic Intern

Office:            Political/Economic Office

Job Description:

  1. Ad-Hoc Economic Policy Research
  2. Special Projects as needed
  3. Work with American and local staff to further American economic policy goals

Position Number: SIP#011/2019

Job Title:       Information Technology Assistant

Office:            Information Recourse Management/Information Service Center

Job Description:

  1. Meet and greet customers, take their service request
  2. Fill service request from a Tier One level – No administrative elevated privileges will be given, system access will be normal user.
  3. Follow up on Customer Service Request
  4. Support Mobile device configuration
  5. Troubleshoot without SysAdmin credential, add network printer, fix MS office error, share point, etc.

Position Number: SIP#012/2019

Job Title:       American Citizen Services (ACS) Intern

Office:            Consular Section, American Citizen Services

Job Description:

  1. Update the lawyer list, translation companies list, files/cases to be destroyed
  2. Update hospital list, hospice resources, temple locations and general resources for destitute Americans
  3. Perform general admin duties, such as intake, making copies for CRBA, PPT, sending emails for PPT/check pick ups
  4. Exposure to dealing with US citizens/culture during application intake
  5. Assist with ACS and consular website revamp

Position Number: SIP#013/2019

Job Title:       Voucher Examiner Intern

Office:            Office of Finance Management, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Log in all incoming vouchers and route to respective officer for administrative approval.
  2. Account Payable task: process all type of payment vouchers.
  3. Record processed payment vouchers from COAST report into the system.
  4. Prepare quarterly VAT refund submission.
  5. Filing and other duties as assigned.

Position Number: SIP#014/2019

Job Title:       Junior Accountant

Office:            Office of Finance Management, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Process simple commitment and obligation documents.
  2. Post processed vouchers in the accounting system.
  3. Provide administrative supports to accounting section.

Position Number: SIP#015/2019

Job Title:        Communication Intern

Office:            Program Office, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Help create social media report and analysis on best practices
  2. Assist in daily social media management
  3. Assist in the production of short videos that we would use on our social media platforms
  4. Help produce infographics describing the impact of USAID investments
  5. Participate in site visits and report on lessons learned
  6. Support the management of public events including taking photos/videos and organizing logistics

Position Number: SIP#016/2019

Job Title:       Information Technology Assistant

Office:            Executive Office, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Assist network users with hardware and software issues
  2. Assist assigned IT staff in the design of internal applications to expand Intranet utility
  3. Assist assigned IT staff to install and maintain hardware
  4. Assist assigned IT staff with data entry for new mapping project
  5. Assist assigned IT staff in inventory

Position Number: SIP#017/2019

Job Title:       Human Resources Assistant Intern

Office:            Executive Office, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Assist assigned staff to prepare routine personnel actions.
  2. Assist assigned staff to create and maintain contract and personnel files.
  3. Assist assigned staff in preparation of training materials.
  4. Scan documents to create electronic archive files.

Position Number: SIP#018/2019

Job Title:       Gender and Social Inclusion Intern

Office:            Program Office, USAID

Job Description:

  1. Update gender statistics and develop gender reference sheets
  2. Prepare a synthesis documentation on existing studies regarding indigenous/ethnicity and religious minorities;
  3. Review field visit generated reports and consolidate key findings around gender equality and female empowerment issues;
  4. Co-lead Gender and Development Dialogue and International Women’s Day events

Position Number: SIP#019/2019

Job Title:        Research Assistant Intern

Office:            Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU)-2 – Office based in the National

Institute of Public Health (NIPH)

Job Description:

  1. Assist with entomological and/or molecular biology based research projects.
  2. Under supervision, perform laboratory assays and analyze results.
  3. Participate in field collection and identification of mosquitoes and ectoparasites.
  4. Record keeping for field collections and other laboratory activities.
  5. Learn to manage several responsibilities simultaneously as well as time management skills and techniques.

Position Number: SIP#020/2019

Job Title:       Biomedical Research Intern

Office:            Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health (HHS/NIH) – Office based in the National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control

Job Description:

  1. Learn and assist in ongoing laboratory projects with various assays including tissue culture, PCR of viruses, and antibody profiling using ELISA to investigate arboviral illnesses like dengue infection.
  2. Train and receive certification in blood-borne pathogen safety and good clinical practices
  3. Organize and maintain biospecimen inventory in Excel
  4. Adhere to data organization and analysis standards in the laboratory and participate in weekly laboratory meetings (schedule pending)
  5. Present a scientific article in PowerPoint by the end of training period