Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I submit my resume to recruitment’s email to apply for a job at the Embassy?

A: No, the email address is not for applying for a job. You are required to submit to an online application via U.S. Embassy website. You must create an ERA account, fill in information on the online form, and upload all required documents in order to apply for jobs on the Embassy’s website.

Q: How soon will I be contacted from the Embassy for a position I have applied for?

A: Due to many applications, only applicants who are shortlisted and selected for further process are contacted. If you are not contacted within two months after the closing date of each position, the position may be filled by other applicant.

Q: In “OPEN TO” categories, what does “All Interested Applicants, Current Employees of the Mission, AEFM, USEFM, EFMs, MOH, NOR and OR applicants” mean?

A: It means that only those applicants who meet the “Who May Apply” or “Open to” category of each vacancy announcement criteria will be considered.

Q: What are the criteria that are used to screen my application?

A: Each job vacancy announcement has specific criteria for consideration as follows:

  • Type of candidates: Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for the position which you apply for. To learn more about eligibility, click “Who May Apply”.
  • Qualification Requirements: You must meet all qualification requirements of the position to be considered for the position.
  • Required documents: Different positions may require different supporting documents. Please review your application packet before submitting your application. You need to clarify your qualifications clearly on the online application such as education, work experience, language, skills, and job knowledge related to the requirements of each position. For example, if the position requires Khmer and English skills, you must clarify both language skills in your online application.

It is your responsibility to clarify all requirement qualifications and upload all required documents by the deadline of each vacancy announcement.

Q:  How should I describe my educational background?

A: Please follow instructions on how to apply and fill out all needed information honestly and completely. It is important to clearly state your educational background and provide the specific university study/course/major of study you finished. For the purpose of filling out application on the system:

  • Undergraduate – refers to all college degree or university study you have taken (graduate or not)
  • Graduate – means the Master’s degree you have taken
  • Doctorate – means the Doctorate degree you have taken

Q: How do I describe my work experience?

A: Please fill out all your working experiences that related to the position; it is important to clearly clarify your work responsibility in a truthful statement. Start with your most current or recent job and work backward. If you do not work every day and do not have a fixed work-schedule (intermittent), you may put an average number of working hours per week. Lunch hour or break time should not be included in your workhour. Be sure to include all self-employment, internships, or unpaid work experience.

See the below examples:

Employer (Workplace Name)

Title Type From To Hours/Week


Receptionist Full Time May 2014 Current 40 hrs/wk


Operator Full Time June 2013 April 2014 48 hrs/wk


English Tutor Intermittent May 2013 March 2014 6 hrs/wk


Internship Full Time January 2013 July 2013 35 hrs/wk


Cashier Part Time June 2012 January 2013 20 hrs/wk


Q: Why do I need to clarify my Khmer language skills if I am a Cambodian citizen?

A: Applicants must clarify all language skills listed in each job requirement. Most positions require both Khmer and English language skills. Applicants must clarify all his/her language proficiency.

Q: The position, that I want to apply, opens for both Full Performance and Trainee grade level, should I apply for both?

A: Yes, applying for both Full Performance and Training grade level will provide you more chance to be considered for the position. If you are qualified for the Trainee grade level and you apply for only a Full Performance grade which you are not qualified for, you will not be considered for the position. The purpose of a Trainee grade vacancy is to provide opportunity to those who do not meet the Full Performance grade’s requirements. However, applicants of the Full Performance grade level will be considered first.

Q: Can I make any changes on my online application or add/remove supporting documents?

A: Yes, you can edit your application within the closing date of each vacancy announcement. After the closing date, you cannot access to the vacancy announcement.

Q: How can I withdraw my application if I do not want to be considered for the position I applied for?

A: Prior to the closing date, you can withdraw your application by clicking “Dashboard” to view all positions that you have applied for and select “Withdraw Application” for the position you do not want to continue. However, if it is after the closing date, you cannot access your online application, please inform us by sending an email to and provide your name, the vacancy announcement number of the position and reason that you would like to withdraw your application.

Q: How to reapply for the position that I have just withdrawn my application?

A: You can re-apply for the position within the closing date of the vacancy announcement. On the “Dashboard” page, click “Edit Application” for the position which you want to re-apply. Then, click “Edit” at the “Series, Grade, Location” section, and click “Re-apply” button under “Grade”, and click “Save”.

Q: What can I do if I forgot my password?

A: Please click “Forgot Password” and answer your secret questions to reset your password.

Q: What can I do if I forgot my secret answers, or failed to log in the system three times?

A: After the third time failure, your account will be temporarily locked, and you cannot make any log-in attempts for a 30-minute period. Once your account is unlocked, please put the correct username (email address) and password. If you do not remember your password, you can reset the password by clicking “Forgot Password” and answering the 3 secret questions that you chose when you first set up the ERA account.

If you forget your password and secret answers, you must create a new ERA account with a different email address. Please remember your username, password, and secret answers. We cannot assist you in resetting your password.

Q: Do I have hiring preference if I am a U.S. Veteran?

A: No, only qualified AEFM/USEFM who is a U.S. Veteran can obtain a hiring preference. Hiring preference order will be as below:

  1. AEFM / USEFM who is a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran*
  3. FS on LWOP**

See definition of AEFM/USEFM in “Who May Apply”.

Q: How many times can I invoke for hiring preference as an AEFM/USEFM who is also a Veteran?

A: If your Veterans Preference status was a determining factor for a current or previously held position in the same agency at the same post (within the same assignment), you will have only the AEFM/USEFM preference if you apply for another position in the same agency at your post unless you have a 90-day break in service or more. In short, only one time for the same agency at the same post in the same assignment if there is no break in service for 90 days or more.

Q: If I invoke for an AEFM/USEFM Veteran hiring preference and I am not selected for the position, will it be counted against my eligibility?

A: No, it does not. It will be counted when you accept a job offer.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Human Resources Office (  Thank you.