Ambassador’s Youth Council in Cambodia (AYC)

The Ambassador’s Youth Council in Cambodia (AYC) was officially formed in October 2012 to cultivate young leaders from around the country, engage Cambodian youth on topics of interest to youth, and receive inputs on U.S. Embassy programs and U.S. policies in Cambodia.

The Council meets once a month with the U.S. Ambassador to discuss on topics relevant to youths and society as a whole. Aside from this advisory role, the AYC members are also working in executing several projects and related activities aiming at raising awareness on social issues and likewise to achieve the mission in building professional capacity of our young people and prepare them to be today’s leaders.

The Ambassador’s Youth Council is a part of the global initiative around other U.S. Embassies worldwide in which 65 Youth Councils are currently in existence and these motivated young people are collaborating to create positive changes in their societies.