The 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between the United States and Cambodia

U.S. Cambodia 70th Year Anniversary

The United States and Cambodia first established diplomatic relations in 1950, when U.S. diplomat Donald Heath, stationed in then-French Saigon, presented his credentials to King Sihanouk. This year, 2020, marks the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of these diplomatic relations. In order to highlight the contributions of the United States to Cambodia’s development, as well as the many important partnerships that undergird the bilateral relationship, the U.S. Mission plans a year-long celebration. The Embassy-wide efforts will emphasize our dedication to the Cambodian people, as well as those individuals, institutions, and organizations that share our commitment to a prosperous, democratic, and sovereign Kingdom.

Each month throughout 2020, the Embassy will spotlight a thematic area of our work and contributions, using social media, public engagement, exchanges, travel and site visits, and other avenues.

Each month in 2020 will be dedicated to a different theme of the U.S.-Cambodia relationship.

  • January – Agriculture
  • February – Youth, Education and Technology
  • March – Women and Gender Equality
  • April – Environment
  • May – Public Health
  • June – People to People Ties
  • July – A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary
  • August – Humanitarian Assistance
  • September – Trade and Investment
  • October – Law Enforcement
  • November – Regional Cooperation/ASEAN
  • December – Democracy and Human Rights