Requesting Official Fingerprinting

Location: Scientific and Forensic Department, Ministry of Interior at 275 Norodom Blvd (map below)

Cost: $40 (includes photos for internal use)

American Citizens are required to go twice to MOI for getting their fingerprints done:

1. First American Citizens call the 2 POCs below to make appointment as usual and then go to MOI to complete application form

2. Two days later after the form gets verified/approved by the Department Director, the Office Chief will contact Amcits to go to MOI again to have their fingerprints taken by CNP fingerprint expert

Point of Contact: 1. Mr. Heng Saroeun at 089 687 087 or 011 563303, 2. Lieut. Col. THORN Dara, Vice Chief of Archives Office, at 086 886969

Process: Forensic Police will complete two fingerprint cards (FBI form FD-258 and a Khmer form for their internal records). The FBI FD-258 form will be given to applicant at the conclusion of the visit. Expected processing time is 30 minutes.

Please note that if a Khmer fingerprint certificate is required by the applicant, it will take an additional 2-3 weeks to complete.  There is no additional charge.

Instructions for FBI, click here.