Interview Preparation for IV

If you cannot keep the appointment, please notify this office at once by:

Bring with you all of the documents pertinent to your case. Your application will be refused if you fail to bring all required documentations. Required documents are listed below.

  • National Identification Card
  • Passport (valid at least six months beyond intended date of entry into the United States)
  • Two photographs (Click here for photograph requirement)
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Court or prison record, if applicable
  • Military record, if applicable
  • Original Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Divorce decree or death certificate of spouse from previous marriage, if applicable
  • Police Record: Each visa applicant aged 16 years or over is required to submit a police certificate from the police authorities of each locality of the country of the applicant’s nationality or current residence where the applicant has resided for at least six months since attaining the age of sixteen. Police certificates are also required from all other countries where the applicant has resided for at least one year. A police certificate must also be obtained from the police authorities of any place where the applicant has been arrested for any reason, regardless of how long he or she lived there. Police certificates must cover the entire period of the applicant’s residence in any area. A certificate issued by the police authorities where you now reside must be of recent date when presented to the consular officer. The term “police certificate” as used in this paragraph means a certification by appropriate police authorities stating what their records show concerning each applicant, including all arrests, the reasons for the arrests, and the disposition of each case of which there is a record. In Cambodia, the police certificate is issued by the Ministry of Justice at No 240, Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Penh. For other countries, please click here.
  • Result of your medical examination
  • Evidence of relationship
  • Fee Payment receipt from ACLEDA Bank Plc. (for Fiancé(e) Visa Applicant)

All documents which are not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Translation must be certified by a competent translator.

If the petitioner is in the Phnom Penh City area at the time of the beneficiary’s visa interview, the petitioner may accompany the beneficiary. However, please note that the interview is scheduled specifically to evaluate the beneficiary’s eligibility, and the petitioner may be asked to wait in the waiting area. The interviewing officer will speak to the petitioner only if he/she determines it is necessary for the assessment of the case.

* Please note that attorneys and other individuals who are not direct beneficiaries of a petition or application are not permitted in the waiting room to discuss Immigrant Visa (IV), Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV), or Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) cases. Additionally, in an effort to serve our U.S. citizen community with the best possible service, U.S. citizens should not book ACS appointments to discuss visa issues. IV, NIV or CRBA inquiries/questions can be directed to,, or

Most Important

No assurance can be given in advance that a visa will be issued. A consular officer can make a decision only after your formal application and all documents are reviewed, and you have been personally interviewed by that officer.

You are advised not to make any travel arrangement for departure from this country, not to dispose of your property or give up your job until the visa has been issued to you. An immigrant visa is usually valid for a maximum of six months from the date of issuance. You must travel and apply for admission to the United States within that 6-month period.

If you are issued an immigrant visa, please review the guide for new immigrants.


Section 203 (e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that an intending immigrant pursue his or her visa application within one year from the date he or she is informed that it is possible to do so. This is our notice to you that it is now possible for you to pursue your application for a visa. If you fail to do so within one year from the date of the attached letter, your application and any visa petition approved for you will be cancelled.